We all have a story; Some through life experiences of trial and error and yet others through fun and exploring the world. I, on the other hand, had my fair share of hardship but my positive attitude triumph above it all which made my first book a challenge in creativity and expressive thought.

Authenticity and my zest for life guided my sense of excitement to capture the reader with mystery, laughter and tears along on my journey and to feel the very essence of principles, heart and mind that had kept me writing “9 books” and earned me “Awards” and astounding “Credibilities” to be proud of. I have the amazing honour of my “Life-Story Book” to a Screenplay for a movie adaptation and the crown glory of how our stories can inspire and motivate anyone to never give up on their dreams. Storytelling is a great means of hope!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  



The idea of “loving yourself” may seem selfish or egotistical because we are so used to directing our love outward instead of inward – to our significant other, our children, our parents, and our friends.

When we attempt to show self-interest, our inner critic starts whispering in our heads, telling us we’re not good enough, that we’ll never achieve our goals. These negative thoughts sabotage our efforts, we become so worried about failure that we stop trying, and we remain stuck in our comfort zone, as far away from our goals as ever.

Silence your inner critic and focus on all of the wins you’ve experienced in your life (no matter how big or small) and that negative voice in your head will disappear. Think of all the different challenges you’ve taken, even though they seemed scary at the time. You are still the same person who did all those great things – and you will be able to do so again. The more you remind yourself of what you’re capable of, the more capable you become! When you make the effort to love yourself and recognize everything you’re grateful for, you’ll remind yourself how amazing your life really is. That will make it so much easier for you to improve your performance, learn from your mistakes, stay motivated, and create a life you truly love.



The way we look at life needs to change. In this world, as it is today, there are 4 levels of living in which; If you are in level 1, you survive on less than $2 a day. Although this took decades to understand, it was a philosophy adaptation to create for me.

Why does it matter? We are more likely to think anyone who doesn’t have a certain quality of life is “poor”. Especially if we look down on others like it is not our concern. Life for those on level 2 is significantly better and even harder to comprehend from level 4 unless you know to look for it. But insight will help us better understand the world. We need to overcome our innate biases and help to support that gap, put things in perspective and think what we can do. This world can be bad but it can also be better.

We have a history of ignorance and these are just instincts of us that make us human and that overcoming them isn’t easy. I had developed patience and a none judgmental attitude. I had grown to improve and came to realize that sharing what I had learned can be fun when it is in a clear way to allow people to think. Life is all about what you are willing to give!


What anyone thinks, does not matter, It’s how you feel that matters. Surround yourself with positive people and live on Purpose. There is nothing more Real then your dreams and your desires as you wish them to be realized.

Put spring in your heart, invest in your future, and place priority in your family as the calm you seek. You have nothing to prove to anyone but your reason worth getting out of bed. All knowledge you gain, share with others so they too see the opportunity you made possible to improve your skill and benefits in gain. Life is about people so, show love!

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Contentment is the most difficult thing to achieve in life but worth striving for. Balance in all areas of your life certainly brings forth a sense of humility which is the greatest asset to succeed. Yes, we need to survive, and yes, we need to think of ways to improve ourselves but giving up on your dreams is losing your soul.

As with anyone else, I am striving to accomplish my goals and I think strategically. This past week I had been to LA and was blessed with the great Jay Abraham as my Mentor to school me and received incredible insight to align myself for collaborations to create greatness with “Preeminence” and how to utilize the “Geometric system”. It is about thinking outside the box and to get out of your comfort zone. I am an Author who loves story-telling but did a collaboration as a Co-Producer on the Jay Abraham Life-Story Movie. It was an Honor to enjoy amazing company for dinner at his home with the awareness that I deserve good things in life but to be responsible in sharing my knowledge and inspire good fortune to smile on others. Legends are not born, they are made. A new method of thinking will inspire your vision to soar to greater heights in opportunities.

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THE MISSION: Enlightenment

When we become responsible, we realize how futile it is to complain and play the blame game. We make the choice and decide what it is that we need and how to move on from there. If you had gone through a divorce like I had, So much appreciation is an accomplishment in value for what you had earned.

Money is the worst discovery of human life, But it is the most trusted material to test human nature. You either become the person you truly are, or you grow into the person with a real heart due to a sense of balance. Money is the root of all evil if it becomes your master. On the other hand, money can support your true vision of giving. It’s all a learning experience and taking control of what is really important. I inspire my girl-friends to be feminine and feel beautiful in their own shin. I never compare myself with anyone else because I value and respect myself. I have a great appreciation for the power connections and collaborations that I have, and eagerly past on knowledge and share ideas. There is no greater gift than to love, receive love and inspire love since happiness is the most accomplished success. There is so much we can learn from the experiences of others, from traveling and different cultures. Broaden out and improve your skills. Be a good friend, encourage more meaningful relationships, and grow your family into an amazing team to count on. Hope is our anchor to truly live a dream life.   Like:   Follow:   Follow:

THE MISSION: Responsibility

I know all too well what anger and frustration can do to you. There are no clear vision and direction and we are prone to repeating the same mistakes because we are blind. Responsibility means to; Give up excuses, Give up blaming, Give up complaining, and take control of your life.

When I decided to move on, it was the reality of dealing with issues, resentment and acceptance. This was a great weight off my shoulders because of the awakening of who I wish to be and the consciousness of where I was and where I needed to be. I had clarity about what I needed and what was best for me. My dreams came alive with the importance to never give up. It stimulated action and the influence to associate with like-minded individuals. The support I needed was a great part of building the relationships to move up and achieve my desired goals. It takes great strength to be humble but there is no better feeling than knowing that kindness is not a weakness and you serve yourself well for being authentic.   Like:   Follow:   Like:



When we are challenged, our ability to survive goes into action. If we want things to improve our lives, we should be willing to make changes. I personally began to understand what successful people meant when they talked about, “Your Truth”. I was able to face reality and express my true emotions and not hide from my feelings.

Every person desire to live their “Best Life” possible. To achieve your goals, giving starts with you! In that way, you learn how to be kind to yourself with a keen heart to give to your loved ones and extend that love and support to others.   Like:   Follow:   Follow:


Do not live in self-doubt or the believe that nothing is possible. No person can make it alone, so ask for help. Strength is not aggression but he who endures and wish ill on no one, that is an admirable character in showing the beauty of a truly strong person.

This world is in chaos and so much has changed. But, as women, we too can be front-runners in promoting peace. Be the first with an upbuilding attitude and strive in creating ways to communicate love. There is strength in unity and we all need each other. Live Now! Life is beautiful when we endeavour to support and share uplifting thoughts to Inspire.

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Yes, I am a Dreamer. But what you Project, is what you Attract. All my life I act upon the feelings of Freedom and live life on Purpose. I took the Success Principles to heart and always worked hard on improving but I never once considered giving up or walking away from making my dreams come true.

Do not get me wrong; Success is not MONEY, It’s achieving balance in all areas of your life. Most of my adulthood, I had been accused of thinking that I was better than others. Even my own family accused me throughout my childhood that at the tender age of sixteen, I decided to be on my own in pursuit of my dreams and live my life free of those standing at a distance judging but never getting to know me. Now, who is laughing because I achieved becoming the whole individual I always dreamt of being. I am Proud of my giving spirit and living the Passionate, loving marriage I always knew I deserved.

I had accomplished a fine spiritual family on the path of growing and working towards improving our unity. My desire is to inspire other families, young couples and those marriages, seeking ways to rekindle old feelings. We are meant to live happily and fulfilled lives.  Dream Bigger Dreams.   Follow:   Like:   Follow: