George Ritcheske – True Leadership

Mastering The Art Of Success   Chapter 43

True Leadership – When we are mentored with Values-Based leadership principles, we approach responsibilities with positive energy and a can-do attitude. We accelerate in professional growth, competence, confidence and character strength.

Under a True Mentor – A True Leader – We Flourish and the approach ignites our career passion. These qualities inspire a leadership in us to listen in a generous way to enable others to take action. We choose the right words to engage and propel others forward. In George’s chapter, he lays out the process how our thoughts lead to behaviors, and behaviors lead to results.


Ahmed Abdulbaqi – Proven Process

Mastering The Art Of Success   Chapter 42

Proven Process – At some point in our lives, we need to make a decision what kind of life we desire to live. Either improve your career and lifestyle or move on to build a new dream.

That means sacrificing the lifestyle and safety net of a salary. To overcome your fear to make a start, you need a strong believe in yourself that you can do this! Never quit, and persist in your journey with hope. Your dream is the Magnet and trust that the Law of Attraction is on your side as Ahmed came to realize. In this chapter, he inspires how to trust the process.

Szilard Koos – Self-Awareness

Mastering The Art Of Success   Chapter 41

Self-Awareness – We all have dreams and wish to enjoy a productive life. But, many just do not know where to begin. Even though everything you thought you had earned or deserved emotionally and financially, yet still, you end up bankrupt.

You deserve a second chance at life and this will could only come from you. In your quest to unlock the mysteries of success, Szilard, in his chapter admits his problems and reveal The Solution to steer you on the right path.

Jennifer Kauffman – Never Give Up

Mastering The Art Of Success   Chapter 40

Never Give Up – Sometimes life throws you an unexpected – even horrific – curveball. But when you feel something is not right, trust your own instinct even when everyone around you may have different opinions.

When things are not uplifting, let go, simply walk away peacefully. When trauma is so overwhelming, we need a mindset, that the power of belief can heal us. In Jennifer’s chapter, she shares her journey and how to move forward with peace of mind.

Zoë -Your Soul’s Blueprint

Mastering The Art Of Success   Chapter 39

Your Soul’s Blueprint – We all have a perfect composition of source energy in the expression of the Divine. These talents can lead you to untouchable success by using these energy techniques, it can be an attractive magnet you will emanate as a strong signal to the world.

Realizing your purpose with the power of a strong heart connection will point you towards your unique path. Zoë, in her chapter, guides you through five steps of her blueprint for success.

Gagandeep Bhatti – You Are Enough

Mastering The Art Of Success   Chapter 38

You Are Enough – You need to applaud yourself for where you are today and for everything you have achieved so far. Every obstacle you overcame, every opinion you proved wrong and every inner-battle you won.

Now, you need to propel your own success. There in the strength in mind, not only your point of success but your dreams become a reality. Learn from Gagandeep’s chapter, how you too can be enough right where you are.

Lori A. Wagner – Life On Purpose

Mastering The Art Of Success   Chapter 37

Life On Purpose – Each stage of life has its own lessons, collectively it build us toward becoming a successful human being. As we live life, and experiencing each day anew, the world brings us new challenges. Survival – is, unfortunately, the life motivator for most people.

It is initially important though that we go out and look for a career that is meaningful – a purpose – which is a service to humanity. Learn how to make a meaningful impact on others living a fulfilled life. Your purpose will drive you to achieve an exuberant success. This and so much more from Lori’s chapter!

Chris Salem – Eliminate Self-Doubt

Mastering The Art Of Success   Chapter 36

Eliminate Self-Doubt – We tent to Focus only on building Wealth and do not realize that we are emotional, spiritually and physically bankrupt. It could be destructive habits and behaviours we carried since childhood or feelings of anger due to early adulthood trauma that nearly killed you or was destroying you.

In reality, money means nothing if your well-being is not synchronized. Your solution starts with looking within and learning to be in the moment of clarity. In his chapter, Chris shares his ten steps to eliminate self-doubt to achieve success.

Deb Shapiro – More, In Less Time

Mastering The Art Of Success   Chapter 35

More, In Less Time – Not being afraid to ask has shaped much of most successful lives. If we believe all is possible and live on Purpose, we will improve, no matter what areas of our life.

It is the same for anyone who strives for a successfully balanced life of Responsibility, No blaming, No complaining, Face facts quickly, Pay attention to results, what to do better and Am I limiting myself? So, Take Action. Get more out of Deb’s chapter.

Vilmar D. Borges – Renewed Mind

Mastering The Art Of Success   Chapter 34

Renewed Mind – Change is required if we want to live life to its full potential. Our goal is to make an impact to enable us to influence the lives of others. For that, a complete attitude to a renewed mind set need to inspire our goals.

Living by the Pattern of this World means that you are living an ordinary life. You dwell on negativity from media, from what people say or even self-doubt. Vilmar, in his Chapter, opens up 3 Factors that will allow you a greater outlook on life.