Do not live in self-doubt or the believe that nothing is possible. No person can make it alone, so ask for help. Strength is not aggression but he who endures and wish ill on no one, that is an admirable character in showing the beauty of a truly strong person.

This world is in chaos and so much has changed. But, as women, we too can be front-runners in promoting peace. Be the first with an upbuilding attitude and strive in creating ways to communicate love. There is strength in unity and we all need each other. Live Now! Life is beautiful when we endeavour to support and share uplifting thoughts to Inspire.

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Yes, I am a Dreamer. But what you Project, is what you Attract. All my life I act upon the feelings of Freedom and live life on Purpose. I took the Success Principles to heart and always worked hard on improving but I never once considered giving up or walking away from making my dreams come true.

Do not get me wrong; Success is not MONEY, It’s achieving balance in all areas of your life. Most of my adulthood, I had been accused of thinking that I was better than others. Even my own family accused me throughout my childhood that at the tender age of sixteen, I decided to be on my own in pursuit of my dreams and live my life free of those standing at a distance judging but never getting to know me. Now, who is laughing because I achieved becoming the whole individual I always dreamt of being. I am Proud of my giving spirit and living the Passionate, loving marriage I always knew I deserved.

I had accomplished a fine spiritual family on the path of growing and working towards improving our unity. My desire is to inspire other families, young couples and those marriages, seeking ways to rekindle old feelings. We are meant to live happily and fulfilled lives.  Dream Bigger Dreams.   Follow:   Like:   Follow:

ILLUMINATE; Your Success As A Family

Throughout history, Success was influenced by strong families taking the lead. Success is not Power but Balance in all areas of life. We thus gain in wisdom to Inspire others to grow. Strong families encourage Unity in Society and evolve into more family success that allows all to gain.

The greatest quality of life is Love, and if we share our knowledge, experiences and success, we not only show respect but unity as equals. Your personality will reflect who you are and your willingness to see others succeed is a gift you can be proud of. Download my FREE Chapter.   Follow:   Like:   Follow:


Once you know what your PURPOSE is, set your goals and do not ever walk away from your Dreams. Most people go unfulfilled through life and are never happy since all they do, is going through the motions.

Hollywood week gave me a lot of gratitude. I realized even more how much it meant to me that my husband and I was facing our future as a team. We had made plans for the last few years and are working towards achieving our goals. The momentum was the ability that we could shake hands with Rudy Ruettiger, watch the “Movie Premiere” of his documented life as a Hero who never lost the joy of his dream. What an honor it was to be able to take our picture with such a man. Both my husband and I are living proof that Jack Canfield’s “Success Principles” in business works. Not only can we say that we had met Jack and forever can I showcase a successful book collaboration with the man, but we could talk to him and have pictures to prove that dreams can be a reality.

Make your mark and let your choices be the destiny you set. Life is worthwhile because we have success and my team is my family! I had gained great insight into what I need to achieve in goals and nothing will stop me. I had become my authentic self and am proud that I can say; I have love with good family support and a future that Illuminate us as a strong Team.



Romay Cupido – A Dream Come True

It’s All About LOVE for what you do! Dreams enable you to go to sleep in peace and wake up excited to start your day. For me, my process started with the decision to own my future with a Focused Plan. I went after what I wanted and refused to be held back by negativity. If you want to succeed, look for the right connections and learn more, search for answers and stay positive since the Law Of Attraction has your back so, just ask.

Check out Jack Canfield for the success principles as a guide. Advance in Developing techniques to Achieve your Goals from Brian Tracy I believe in myself and I know, what I set my mind to, I will achieve. I ventured into bigger dreams with great collaborations at the and became a Best-Selling Author, Producer and still going strong towards my next goals with pride in my standards and a golden Trophy in hand. Never give up and persist in your dreams because everything you want is up to you. Download my Chapter for FREE. The book, “Mastering The Art Of Success”, Is a small investment in your Success.

Joshua Aragon – Your Greatness

Mastering The Art Of Success   Chapter 44

Your Greatness – Having too much on your plate can hold you back from real accomplishments. Remember you can only be really good at one thing due to the limited hours in a day – don’t dilute your greatness.

Focus on what’s really important, and finishing what you start before you move onto something else. Your first priority is the clarification of the overall purpose and direction that you’re headed in. Joshua, in this chapter, set you through your goal process to complete something valuable.

George Ritcheske – True Leadership

Mastering The Art Of Success   Chapter 43

True Leadership – When we are mentored with Values-Based leadership principles, we approach responsibilities with positive energy and a can-do attitude. We accelerate in professional growth, competence, confidence and character strength.

Under a True Mentor – A True Leader – We Flourish and the approach ignites our career passion. These qualities inspire a leadership in us to listen in a generous way to enable others to take action. We choose the right words to engage and propel others forward. In George’s chapter, he lays out the process how our thoughts lead to behaviors, and behaviors lead to results.

Ahmed Abdulbaqi – Proven Process

Mastering The Art Of Success   Chapter 42

Proven Process – At some point in our lives, we need to make a decision what kind of life we desire to live. Either improve your career and lifestyle or move on to build a new dream.

That means sacrificing the lifestyle and safety net of a salary. To overcome your fear to make a start, you need a strong believe in yourself that you can do this! Never quit, and persist in your journey with hope. Your dream is the Magnet and trust that the Law of Attraction is on your side as Ahmed came to realize. In this chapter, he inspires how to trust the process.

Szilard Koos – Self-Awareness

Mastering The Art Of Success   Chapter 41

Self-Awareness – We all have dreams and wish to enjoy a productive life. But, many just do not know where to begin. Even though everything you thought you had earned or deserved emotionally and financially, yet still, you end up bankrupt.

You deserve a second chance at life and this will could only come from you. In your quest to unlock the mysteries of success, Szilard, in his chapter admits his problems and reveal The Solution to steer you on the right path.

Jennifer Kauffman – Never Give Up

Mastering The Art Of Success   Chapter 40

Never Give Up – Sometimes life throws you an unexpected – even horrific – curveball. But when you feel something is not right, trust your own instinct even when everyone around you may have different opinions.

When things are not uplifting, let go, simply walk away peacefully. When trauma is so overwhelming, we need a mindset, that the power of belief can heal us. In Jennifer’s chapter, she shares her journey and how to move forward with peace of mind.