When we are stuck in any area of our life, it is time to get clarity, take back your control, and move on. Recently I did a project with a new Entrepreneur http://www.instagram.com/jarkkoardon about Control. And even though I had gone through these instructions years ago, I stayed dedicated to the process, did all the exercises, and came to realize an area in my life where I had allowed my own home country control in a paper change expectation of trust in service but with years in waiting on results. Yes, we take for granted that what we pay for in normal duties of service should be honoured but it is not our failure, it’s their lack of propriety in human rights.

We always have options! I decided to put mine in action and not allow my life from moving forward to get stuck. If we give anyone the control, we put our lives and success in their hands to do as they please, so their dishonour was my lesson. It’s my future under my control and my desire to move forward. The reality is that our dignity, principles and future is not negotiable!

COMING UP: My Life-Story Movie and my Life-Story Book