All Influencers say to Think Big or Dream Big, So why is it that we think that it is unrealistic to have those desires? A client once told me that it was unthinkable of her to have ever imagined that dreams were meant for her since she had been told all her life that it was striking air.

And yet, even though I had been accused of being a dreamer all my life, it was unthinkable for me to ever give up on my dreams. I listened to what every mentor ever told me about having bigger dreams and saw all the little dreams came to fulfilment which in turn encouraged me to keep reaching for the goal. I envisioned each dream into goal plans and saw them realized with the true essence that I was doing the hard work and with pride can claim that dreams are not only for the rich but for any motivated person wanting them bad enough. My key was achieving balance in all areas of my life and it led to living a real and fulfilling lifestyle.  The best is still ahead of me!