Dreams without Goals are just wishes,  Action is required!  My vision to achieve success was with balance in all areas of my life. Now, this is the order best for me and my way of thinking. You can set your own pattern.

Spirituality – Faith inspires hope for a Purpose to pursue, without that, you wander directionless.

Marriage – My husband and I are a Team in unity for support and growth. The greatest gift you can give each other is your Time! So, we can evolve as a couple to love and communication is so important for understanding and settles differences.

Health – We have good eating habits, exercise and taking time out to meditate and walk to clear our thinking ability for planning and creating new ideas. This clarity allows us to see new opportunities and improve overall energy.

Family – This is our core to strengthen our attitude, values and principles to succeed as a unit. We see to a great atmosphere at all times as to inspire giving.

Business – I had a great 2018 success year and much to feel grateful for. 2019 starts with my Life-Story Movie project with my Book to be released after the movie. My success comes from connections with the right influences. What does the “Best Athletes” in the world all have in common? A Coach who motivates them to be the best at what they do!

My Mentors – Jack Canfield with whom I had the greatest of honor to Co-Author “Mastering the Art of Success” Book  https://www.amazon.com/Romay-Cupido/e/B078HG2QR2  Collaborations is not a competition but propel you.

Jay Abraham offered me the incredible privilege to be part of his Life-Story iconic movie as a Co-Producer in “Getting everything out of All you’ve got”. The Master of Marketing and the Mentor to the best Business tycoons and coaches in the world.

The visualization that you are enough only needs to be awakened by the right motivation, to be coached like I had been into living your best life of joy and love. That is my reality, living my dream life of love, family and abundance. This is my success strategy that inspired my mission.

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