Giving in all true essence should spring from a loving heart. We are plagued these days with dishonesty and those who appear genuine but are self-serving with no care about promises since they are wicked in deeds.

I pride myself with an honourable Brand and building a future on values with principles I can be proud of. No matter where I go or where the future takes me; I have a family, a loving husband and a lucrative career through hard work. I willingly give, but to those who prove worthy since time wasters only drag you down while so many are worthy of the time and resources they can gain from.

When we improve our lives and learn valued lessons, we are obligated to share them freely. Collaborations always rise each recipient and giving is the most gratifying experience.



Give-Back Project – The Book Pre-Launch until 14.9.2020 at $0,99

All proceeds go to the development of Communities, Youth, and Entrepreneurship for creativity and growth. The primary focus is on the Diaspora and Sub-Sahara Africa where the need is greater.

I promised not to leave Africa behind and do not need to live there to be of help. I want to give more and do more to teach anyone willing, how I achieved success with balance in all areas of my life. Please support and share the link. The TVHUB launch on the 15.9.2020

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Defining wealth comes down to you…and you alone. The foundational question about MONEY is one that No One can ever agree on: How much is enough?

In our increasingly competitive world, some believe that money is the way we measure competence, success, even our worth as individuals. It is not just wrongheaded. Since in a real sense, that we should think about sharing and giving. It’s Offensive.

Yes, we want and need things. It takes money to get them. And the average household spends everything they make shouldering enormous stress as they live paycheck to paycheck.

It’s easy for those of us with money – even if we were born into modest circumstances – to forget what a struggle life can be without it.

Money can do great things and promote important causes. But it can also dissolve business partnerships, cause friction between family and friends, and end marriages. While it is no longer rare that anyone can make money, most decide who is “rich” with a particular number: 1 Million…or 5 Million…or 30 Million.

So, let’s get real. Wealth is not what you make. It’s what you own: real estate, stocks, cash, bonds, gold and other financial assets.

How much you “Need” of course, is tied to where you live, the size of your family, your monthly expenses, and your desire to travel or enjoy the finer things in life. “The Finer Things” are hardly necessities since many grew up without them and including me, could comfortably live without them.

My belief is you’re wealthy if you have resources to live the way you want to live.

Reality check: When it comes to how much is enough, only your own definition matters!


My husband Ardon and I celebrated our wedding anniversary on the 1st of June but since this pandemic had shut the world down, our hotel reservations and all our traveling trips abroad were cancelled. It was disappointing, but we had each other, and that was enough!

How were we to celebrate?

In our minds we were not stuck and so, got creative. Since restrictions had lightened up, we made a picnic lunch, got into our car, and drove to the golf-club where we sat eating accompanied by the sound of birds, enjoying the beauty of our surroundings. We could talk and reminisce over things we had achieved and especially the shock of present needs that brought an awakening as to how we could accomplish more with our future dreams toward helping others.

We had envisioned our life with such excitement when we first fell in love. Mesmerized in spirit and wild at heart, we went chasing the wind in TUSCANY Italy where we got engaged and ever since our marriage, our love had intensified. Enticed by the passion and mystery of Castles, the desire became the dream of our family home. We talked about nothing else, laughing as if nothing mattered while the reality of how short and unpredictable life truly was, illuminated the real sense of reality. We decided then and there, that we would create a Family Foundation to evolve our purpose into a “Give-Back” project with a mission for what our hard work could reflect as a legacy, solidly based on love to stand to time indefinite. Since the day we had left Tuscany, we knew that we left with a thought in mind and heart but only now, came full circle!   


I woke up to snow since the weather had changed overnight and we are supposed to have summer. We still have to remain in quarantine alone or with our family. So, I can relate to all these changes and the emotions are beginning to overwhelm you. But perhaps it’s time to realize that some things like the weather or our current state we cannot control. Our minds, however, is 100% our responsibility to control.

It is our habits that are making things tougher instead of easier for you to deal with. So, how can you dissolve these struggling blocks?

You can clear your path and enjoy greater ease right now, Focus, and forward progress in your life. Meditation is a powerful method that will instantly boost your happiness and experience deeper joy and fulfilment no matter what is happening in the world around you. Start developing the attitude of saying NO to commitments that steal your time and energy. We all have those time wasters.

Look at your life and identify the blocks that are holding you back and then identify one thing you can do. Get past the anger or frustration of feeling stuck – do something to improve yourself and your limiting beliefs. There are Free online inspirational talks, read, and take online courses or webinars.

There is no situation so terrible that you can’t improve it. There is always something you can do to make it better. Remember you are the only one who has any real control over your life. So why not choose peace and joy? Take Action on these blocks holding you back from showing up as your best self. Create your desired life, and making better progress toward your goals. If you can dream it, you can live it!


If you are a woman, over the age of 25 who wants to reclaim her life inside the present circumstances, you deserve better and like me, live your own Cinderella Story!

My life was all about survival while working very hard but I felt trapped while screaming in silence. Find GRACE within yourself. Face reality because the responsibility is 100% yours. Don’t justify – FREE yourself and do the unimaginable. Reshape your life!

Your worse experience can become your best. You are no longer a Victim but a Victor who has the ability to live a life of magnificence. Everything in our lives is a blessing so that we can truly give back to those we love. Believe that you will win and the impossible will be yours. It’s not the Event, but what we are willing to do about it!

UpComing Life Story Book

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My life storybook is about living my best life and its the honesty about who I had become and what I deserve by getting real about issues. With inexperience of youth, we desire the wrong things, make the wrong choices and refuse good advice due to attitude problems.

We all have a past, but we have the opportunity to create a better life and optimise a better future. I suffocated in a bad marriage with an irresponsible partner, but I chose to rise above it all and prove to myself that despite a divorce, I was a survivor; learning how to better my standards, improving my skills and constantly working on myself by setting goals with good discipline and habits. I was worthy of love and earned credibilities that set new values and principles for life long goals. I became happier because I was proud of my achievements. My main objective is to focus on the end result!

When you live a life of quality, you attract quality and success follows. Learn how to be a giver and you will shine, no matter what step of the leader you are on. For six years I had been disappointed by obtaining normal services of required papers from my home country, but experience taught me that we always have options. So, never allow circumstances to control your life, take charge and look for new ways to resolve an outcome. I have an amazing love because we work on our marriage and date like lovers. I have a goal-oriented son, that I am so proud of, but he was raised well with incredible support. Our family has dreams and new goals that we strive for with great anticipation and it keeps us motivated and united as we work toward our vision.



We are our own worse enemy! If you want to become better, be better than the person you were yesterday. Keep going……..

Difficult roads often lead to unexpected destinations. It’s all about finding your calm to weather the storm. Silence is a source of great strength, so take the moments you need to rest or to meditate. Every success depends on; Your Responsibility, Your Choices, since it’s your life. Two things define you; Your Patience, and Your Attitude!

To Your Future……Live your best life.


We cannot always have a good day, but we can always face a bad day with a good attitude. I am an active person and in good physical shape, but during the past decade, I had been struggling with health issues that cannot be identified. It is frustrating to know that I am not deliberately doing anything wrong and had depleted my eating habits to a fully vegetarian diet. No meat, no wheat, no dairy and no sugar. I even minimise fruit and vegetables with natural starch and high sugar content.

I truly value what I eat and had learned the importance to be aware of how food is grown and processed since my problems started with digestive issues. So, I have days that my energy is low and I am dizzy because the test trials are in progress but my body is rejecting the prescribed medications. Eating wholesome food had become the core medical alert worldwide of our personal investment to care about where the problems stem from.

I, however, am determined to educate and help myself because I worked very hard to achieve my goals and deserve to live my best life.



Keys to the Desired life – Your 3 M’s

Mindset – Opening your mind to New Possibilities.

Meditation – Clear your mind while increasing your self-confidence.

Masterminding – Hold yourself accountable for your own personal growth and development.


MISSION: Why Wait For Tomorrow, What You Can Do Today?

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life”. Do you Embrace these words?

Whatever happened before – good, bad, or nothing at all – doesn’t matter and that we have a clean slate. It also gives us the reality to be forward-thinking, and not to look back.

If we live each day as if it is our last, we will learn to appreciate each moment and thus do something today and not wait for tomorrow. This reminds me that any day can be the beginning of a new year and not a resolution we need to make or even break to get away from the past and risk a new venture. We do need a point in time to reflect, regroup and recommit to our Purpose.

How many chances do we really get and what do we do with them? Absolve yourself of the failure, negative events and moments that have shackled you. Carve your plan that fits your passion and reach beyond your comfort level. Spare yourself the emotional dept and do what serves you well.